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What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey, commonly referred to as a building or measured survey, is a to-scale representation of both the structure and layout of your property. It is a crucial document when making modifications to the infrastructure. The team at Fosse Surveying have an impressive knowledge and far-reaching experience of carrying out surveys to infrastructure of all size, establishing that every detail is considered and included. An architectural plan outlines the project timeline, ensuring that work is achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner throughout the duration of your project.

Our first-rate technology, operated by industry-leading experts, provides 2D and 3D scans of your infrastructure. These help to convey the most vital information needed to achieve project completion effectively and guarentee the achievement of excellent results.  

We have undertaken measured building surveys for a vast number of infrastructures within Milton Keynes, including retail stores, schools, housing, hospitals, churches and even heritage sites.

Fosse Surveying’s Milton Keynes building surveys are executed in adherence with best practice methods through the use of our latest Leica tool stations, GNSS systems, handheld measuring equipment, and 3D laser scanners. Once we have acquired the necessary data from your site, our AutoCAD equipment will present your project with an accurately scaled survey, available for access in both DXF and DWG formats.

We always develop reliable and precisely scaled results, without fail, ensuring that you remain on track throughout your project. Our impressive knowledge and experience enhances our competency in providing a number of internal and external building survey plans, including: floor plans, elevations, ceiling plans and cross-sectional surveys.

Our Milton Keynes projects are executed in accordance with the standards set by the Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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What is involved in a Milton Keynes building survey?

Property floor plans

At fosse surveying, we have undertaken a large number of property floor plans in various sizes. Our tailor-made reports incorporate the needs and specifications of your project, encompassing details such as basic wall structures, fittings, fixtures and the situation of sockets. Our technology can support your project with both 2D and 3D floor plans, assisting efficient completion.




Our first-rate equipment yields precise elevation plans for buildings of every size. Our representations can be comprised of differing grades of detail, from the basic foundations through to full architectural detail, according to your project requirements. Street scene elevation drawings are usually a planning requirement. Fosse Surveying can administer an in-depth report without having to gain access to your property.

Cross section drawings

Cross-sectional information can be incorporated into any type of measured building survey. Upon the provision of your chosen cutline position, we can establish that all of the appropriate sectional information required to support your design is included. The degree of detail included is dependent on the requirements of your project, from the most essential instruction through to the integration of intricate characteristics such as cornices and architraves.



Reflected ceiling plans 

In a similar structure to a floor plan, a reflected ceiling plan (RCP) depicts the structure and features of your ceilings, without the need for access via a ladder. Our team will work alongside you to make sure that your report is produced with all of the necessary detail. Your finished report will be administered in your format of choice.

What information is assessed as part of a measured building survey in Milton Keynes?

  • Ceiling heights

  • Internal structures such as beams and columns

  • Floor levels

  • Staircases

  • Heights of doorways

  • Thickness of internal and external walls

  • Chimneys

  • Window cill and head heights

  • Boilers

  • Electricity and gas meters

  • Rainwater and drainage pipes

  • Hazards on or near the site


Why do you need a reflected ceiling plan (RCP)?

An RCP provides a depiction of your ceiling's layout in a comparable layout to a floor plan. This information enables construction workers, designers and architects to visualise the intricacies of your project.

Should you get a home plan/house plan?

House plans provide your project with an accurate depiction of your infrastructure, supporting the planning of construction in an effective manner. This also helps to prevent expensive errors later into the project. If you are looking to alter the appearance of your home’s exterior, either via an extension or conversion, a property survey can support in your accomplishment of this, more efficiently.

What is the purpose of a measured survey?

A building survey illustrates the measurements and finer details of your property accurately. This supports the identification of any discrepancies between the original blueprints and the actual structure. This will also be used as a standard for future construction.

How long does a measured survey take to complete?

The time taken to complete a measured building survey in its entirety is dependent on the specifications at project level. It also relies heavily on factors such as the size of the infrastructure and the detail required.

What is included in a measured building survey?

External and internal building surveys include the scanning of the structure to collect the fundamental data and the production of a scaled drawing of your building, complete with dimensions.

How much does a measured building survey cost?

The cost of a measured building survey is dependent on the detail required and the time spent on-site. For more information on a quote, please get in touch.

Our Promise

  • Our surveyors work with you to establish that our survey ticks every box.

  • Our surveys adhere to best practice standards outlined by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are carried out to a very high standard.

  • We employ top-of-the-range equipment to produce our surveys that provide the most comprehensive and detailed results.

  • Our Milton Keynes surveys are administered in the most suitable format.

  • Should your project demand additional information, our talented surveyors are more than happy to accommodate anything extra that you may need for the successful completion of your project

Measured Building Surveys Milton Keynes Drawing Downloads

Floor Plan Example


Site Elevations Example


Office Floor Plan Example


Residential Site Elevation Example


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