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What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey, also known as a building survey, is a scaled representation of your building’s infrastructure. It is essential for making modifications to an already existing building. Established building surveyors with years of industry experience, Fosse Surveying provides you with a solution for your project's planning requirements and accurately maps out your property’s structure to exact measurements. 

Our specialist surveyors conduct high-quality 2D and 3D scans of your property. Using state of the art equipment, we provide you with the most accurate and to scale representations,  significantly reducing the risk of human error. Fosse Surveying have conducted measured building surveys for a variety of infrastructures within Nottingham including housing, schools, heritage sites, hospitals, retail stores and even churches.

Using the latest Leica tool stations, GNSS systems, handheld measuring equipment, and 3D laser scanners, we carry out our Nottingham Measured Building Surveys with expert precision. Once the scan has been completed, our AutoCAD software produces a detailed sketch of the dimensions in DXF and DWG formats. 

Our expertise guarantees that reports are produced as efficiently as possible, on time and within budget. Supplying both internal and external reports, we produce a variety of surveys including floor plans, elevations, ceiling plans and cross-section surveys. This means you spend less time waiting for the reports and more time on the actual site. 

All of our Nottingham projects are conducted to the standards of the royal institute of chartered surveyors (RICS).

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What is involved in a building survey?

Floor plans

Floor plans are made to measure and applicable to properties of all sizes. They include the depth of information required including structures such as walls, windows and doors through to the positioning of fixtures and fittings like sockets and switches. All of our floor plans are mapped out using Leica survey equipment, which allows us to accurately outline and measure the internal structures and layout of your build. 



Using state of the art equipment, we are able to provide illustrations of elevation for buildings of all size. From the basic structural overview to intricate architectural detail, the elevation drawings we produce can be as authentic as needed. Street scene elevations are often a requirement for planning. Fosse Surveying can work with you to provide a detailed plan without having to step foot on the premises.   

Cross sections

Cross-section drawings are vertical cut-lines through the building plan that provide you with all the information needed for your design requirements. This includes data like the relationship between the different levels within the structure and area calculations. The level of detail required can be altered to suit your design requirements, depicting attributes as granular as cornices and architraves. 


Reflected ceiling plans 

Reflected ceiling plans (RCP’s) report on the structure of the ceilings within your project. They equip you with details including ceiling tile grids, the placement of electrical points and bulkheads. With an advanced array of technology including drones, we can determine this information without the need for entering the property.

What information is included in a measured building survey?

  • Ceiling heights

  • Internal structures such as beams and columns

  • Floor levels

  • Stairs

  • The height of doors

  • Internal and external wall thickness

  • Chimney positions

  • Window cill and head heights

  • Boilers

  • Electricity and gas meter locations

  • Rainwater and drainage pipes

  • Hazards on or close to the site


Why do you need a reflected ceiling plan (RCP)?

An RCP illustrates the structure of your ceiling in a similar orientation to the floor plan. This makes the outline of the infrastructure much easier to visualise. This also helps with the planning process and deliverables of the project which can be shared with construction workers, designers and architects.

Should you get a home plan/house plan?

If you are looking to change the look and feel of your home, whether it be an extension or loft conversion, a property survey can help you to achieve your results more efficiently. A plan will give you a much more accurate representation of your property, allowing you to effectively plan the construction process. A plan may also help you to spot any costly errors or preemptively identify obstacles, helping to keep your costs low.

What is the purpose of a measured survey?

A building survey will give you an accurate and to scale representation of your building complete with measurements such as area calculations. This not only allows you to identify differences from the initial plan to the actual construction, but also helps provide up-to-date structural details to base future construction on.

How long is a measured survey?

A measured building survey differs from project to project and is dependent on building size and the level of detail required. On average, a survey takes between 1-2 hours.

What is included in a measured building survey?

External and Internal building surveys are conducted by scanning the infrastructure with specialist technology, to create a set of detailed blueprints that help with the planning and construction of your project.

How much does a measured building survey cost?

The cost of a building survey is dependent on the amount of time spent at the site and the level of detail required for the project. If you would like any further information,please get in touch for an exact quote.

Our Promise

  • Fosse Surveying will work closely with you to ensure that your survey requirements are met, containing the most important information to drive the best results for your project

  • We will conduct high-quality surveys to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) specifications

  • Our Nottingham surveys are created to best practice, using state of the art equipment, that guarantee professional results

  • Our surveys will be made available in any format required 

  • Any additional information that may be vital to the success of your project will be supplied by our experienced surveyors

Measured Building Surveys Nottingham Drawing Downloads

Floor Plan Example


Site Elevations Example


Office Floor Plan Example


Residential Site Elevation Example


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